The desire of Mentoring is embedded in the vision which the Lord gave to Apostle Francis Dwomoh to TRAIN, MENTOR and RAISE up leadership to advance the Kingdom of God as part of his Apostolic calling . As an Apostle of my Lord Jesus Christ, I am called to train apostles, overseers, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, elders, deacons and lay men in order to equip them to fulfill their God given ministries. The Vision of my Apostolic ministry is based on mentoring my spiritual sons and daughters as the Lord brings them to me.

This Vision is based on (ISAIAH,6 0 :4) “L ift up your eyes all around you and see. They gather together, they come to you. Your sons shall come from afar and your daughters shall be at your side”. It is on the bases of this scripture that I am calling my sons and daughters in the Lord to come to me for their mentoring.

These sons and daughters will come from all Nations to submit,their churches,ministries and themselves to me as their spiritual father for nurturing and grooming to become the Men and Women of God to fulfill their God given Ministries. While some of these spiritual Children will be pioneering and Overseeing their God given Ministries, others will be working with me. If the description of what you have read brings conviction into your heart to submit yourself, your ministry or your Church to my Mentoring, Please, fill the forms below.