Apostle Francis Dwomoh is committed to serve the Body of Christ by using the gifts of the Holy Spirit which God has endowed Him to advance the Kingdom of God on earth by working with Churches and Ministries who are willing to request for his services.

We are committed to work with Churches to hold Miracle Healing Crusades, Miracle Healing Services, Healing RevivalsHealing ConferencesHealing SeminarsHealing SchoolsHealing RalliesMobile Healing ClinicsHealing Workshops, Services to TRAIN, EQUIP and the Body of Christ to advance the Kingdom of God wherever these Churches are located on the planet earth. Please, click any of the above listed programs to find out what it contains.



You can also invite Apostle Francis Dwomoh as a special guest speaker for Conferences, Conventions, Anniversaries, Revivals, Seminars, Church Programs, Leadership Training, Bible School and Special Events.


Apostle Francis Dwomoh is waiting for your invitation to one of the services mentioned above in your Church.Your invitation will be accepted on the bases of first invited, first served. The acceptance will also depend on the will of God, timing, place and the already scheduled plan of Apostle Francis Dwomoh. Since the schedule of the servant of God is already tight, we will advice that an invitation letter should be sent one to three months ahead of an intended program date to allow the servant of God to determine whether to honor the invitation or to schedule it to another date. We are willing to come to any church regardless of size or location, solely on the availability of our schedule.  We  are willing to come to any  Country ,town, City,Village depending on the will of God, timing, date, place, location, availability,itinerary and schedule of the servant of God.

There are no financial strings attached to our invitations but the subject of transportation, accommodation and a love offering is subject to discussion before an invitation can be accepted.In some cases, we will honor some of these invitations without asking for transportation, accommodation and love offering. It will depend on whether God want us to honor that invitation or not. This is our first priority before accepting or rejecting any invitation. The subject of transportation, accommodation, and love offering is subject to discussion on the bases of the Capacity of the Church/Ministry inviting us. It will also depend on which Country the invitation is coming from. Discussions will always proceed invitations in order to arrive at God-centred  decisions.

To invite Apostle Francis Dwomoh, please, click on the  INVITATION FORM to submit your invitation. To discuss schedule appointment, please, Click on CONTACT US
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