My Dear Friends,

Thank you for taking time to become acquainted with FRANCIS DWOMOH MINISTRIES.

FRANCIS DWOMOH MINISTRIES is the Father of : “Jesus Christ is the Answer to Life international Church” “Jesus Christ is the Answer to Life International Ministries” “Global Evangelistic Outreach” and “Jesus Heals Outreach Ministry“.

Francis Dwomoh Ministries gave birth to these Ministries as a result of the the Vision which God gave him to fulfill his God given dream.

Through “JESUS CHRIST IS THE ANSWER TO LIFE INTERNATIONAL CHURCH” he will be able to TRAIN, MENTOR and RAISE up spiritual Children of Pastors,Teachers, Evangelists, Prophets and Apostles to fulfill his Apostolic calling. Through “JESUS CHRIST IS THE ANSWER TO LIFE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES, he will be able to PROVIDE for the SOCIAL,ECONOMICAL and PHYSICAL NEEDS of the people in the Church,Ministries and the Body of Christ as well. Through, GLOBAL EVANGELISTIC OUTREACH, he will be able to PREACH the Gospel Jesus Christ to all the Nations of the earth for the Harvest of Salvation of Souls and for the Glorification of the Name of Jesus Christ.

Through,”JESUS HEALS OUTREACH MINISTRY, he will be able to USE the INTERNET as a Means of PREACHING the Gospel of Jesus Christ by USING the Gifts of Healing to ADVANCE the Kingdom of God.

Francis Dwomoh Ministries is working in harmony with all the Ministries under the leadership of Apostle Francis Dwomoh because all these Ministries are functioning under one leadership and one vision.

Francis Dwomoh Ministries submits to the Lordship of the Holy Spirit for spiritual Guidance to Lead these Ministries because the Holy Spirit is the General Overseer of these Ministries.

FRANCIS DWOMOH MINISTRIES believes that whatever God does through these Ministries is for the purpose of Exalting, Magnifying and Glorifying the Name of Jesus Christ ALONE and not mere men like Apostle Francis Dwomoh who is ONLY privileged to serve God as a servant of God in the Apostolic capacity.

For this reason, we are humbled to give all the glory to God for the great things He is doing through FRANCIS DWOMOH MINISTRIES and all the Ministries under it. Glory, Honor and Praise be to the KING of kings and the Lord of lords, “JESUS CHRIST” our SOON COMING KING. Apostle Francis Dwomoh